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So, you've just finished up your new branding (hopefully with us, hehe). It's looking fantastic, your strategy is solid, and now it's time to start building your brand and implementing your strategy to build a community! Easier said than done right? But fear not, because we're here to spill the secret sauce (well, it's not so secret anymore since we're sharing it here to the masses) to a brand's success: building a personal brand. We can't emphasise it enough. WHO ARE YOU? There are numerous reasons why humanising your brand is crucial when forging meaningful connections. So, let's dive in and find out more!

A brand lacking a face or personality is essentially just a logo. It holds no significance for the viewer without establishing a meaningful connection. People naturally relate more to fellow individuals than to faceless entities – and that's precisely what your brand becomes if you don't reveal the people behind it. Humanising your business by showcasing the individuals behind the brand infuses it with authenticity. This, in turn, greatly aids in cultivating trust and credibility for your brand, as customers can relate to the real people steering the company.

Revealing the faces behind your business also facilitates the establishment of emotional bonds with your audience. Sharing personal stories, experiences, and values enables you to create emotional connections that play a substantial role in consumer decision-making. This transparency magnifies your brand's trustworthiness exponentially. By spotlighting the people contributing to your brand's success, you're demonstrating a willingness to be open and transparent about the individuals underpinning your brand.

However, it's not solely about the faces. If you're not quite ready to put your face on your brand (we understand that it can be intimidating at first), you can take baby steps. Begin with storytelling – share tales about the founders, employees, and your brand's journey. This can help construct a narrative that customers recall and resonate with. Delve into the reasoning behind your brand – ask yourself WHY you do what you do and simply start typing away. The more authenticity, the better.

Our final point is perhaps the most pivotal: differentiation! The marketplace is fiercely competitive, so infusing a personal touch into your brand can distinguish you from the crowd. Customers might opt for your brand over others due to the personal connection they form with the human aspect of your brand. We feel extremely fortunate to have nurtured countless fantastic relationships, and in many cases, friendships, with our clients. Personal branding undeniably played a SIGNIFICANT role in this...

Stay tuned for next week's blog post, tailored more towards business owners in the design industry. We'll be delving into the topic of normalising rejecting clients who don't align with your values...

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