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Sizzle Studio is a video production agency based in London, specialising in storytelling and creative direction. Throughout the years they had built an impressive base of clientele and their capabilities had grown massively and so, they approached our studio for our expertise in banding and web development. From the beginning of our collaboration with Sizzle Studio, we prioritised building a strong connection and identifying the challenges they were facing.


Through open dialogue and collaborative sessions, we delved into Sizzle’s team dynamics, discovering their vibrant personalities and infectious energy. Yet, their current branding fails to capture this essence, hindering their ability to attract their target audience effectively. The main challenge lied in transitioning from Majo Media to Sizzle Studios, compounded by issues such as shifting target audience, a weak digital presence, inconsistent use of brand visuals, and a weak brand voice.


1- Understanding The Target Audience

We started by establishing a strong client persona to understand their ideal customer base. By predicting what those customers needs and pain points may be, we developed solutions for Sizzle Studio that cater directly to their target audience.

2- Brand Personality Development

We then focused on aligning Sizzle Studio’s brand personality with their target audience, using the brand archetypes framework to assign them The Creator and Magician identities, informing the role they will play in their target audience’s lives. This also informed their tone of voice and communication style as well as the values they embodied.

3- Strengthen Brand Consistency Across Touch-points

Now onto the fun part! We took cues from the vibrant energy of the Sizzle team and used our creative strategy as a roadmap to design visually appealing assets that truly captured the essence of their dynamic personality. The web build & development was seamless as the foundations of the brand were already laid and ready to translate to the digital space.

  • Business Growth & Scalability.

  • Talent Attraction.

  • Strategic Partnerships.

  • Acquisition of Bigger Clients.

  • Increased Credibility.

  • Increased Online Presence.

  • Higher Engagement Rates.

  • Boost in Lead Generation.

  • True Brand Reflection.

  • Consistent and Memorable Messaging.

  • Stronger Customer Connections.

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