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Brows & Co. is a renowned brows studio based in Edinburgh, celebrated for their exceptional work and extensive clientele. Their reputation for excellence has made them a go-to destination for high-quality brow services in the region.


Brows & Co. approached Reise Studio with a desire to optimise their salon space and storage to enhance the user experience for both employees and customers. Their primary goals were to create a salon environment that was easier to clean, highly functional, and reflected their brand's timeless identity.


1- Site Analysis

We conducted thorough site analysis, immersing ourselves in understanding the flow and functionality of the space as utilised by the employees. This deep dive allowed us to spot golden opportunities for optimising the spatial layout, making it both highly functional and effortlessly use-friendly.

2- Design Concept:

Our creative journey led us to a daring design concept—a dark, moody ambiance that defies the usual salon aesthetics, creating an edgy yet timeless atmosphere. We sprinkled in natural green elements, inviting the outdoors inside and adding a refreshing breath of nature to the salon’s vibe. The brow stations found their home against a wall of arched alcoves, each illuminated with backlit shelves, turning each workspace into a focal point of elegance and utility.

3- Functional Workstations:

With both employees and customers in mind, we crafted each brow station to be a smart workspace. Drawers and hidden cabling for wax pots and brow instruments kept the areas clean and organised, ensuring a seamless and pleasant experience for everyone involved.

4- Innovative Features:

At the heart of our design, we planted a large, lush planter filled with succulents and cacti at the studio's front. This not only brought in vibrant greenery but also cleverly doubled as a bench for extra seating. The area was gently illuminated by low-hanging pendant lights, adding a cosy, inviting layer to the space. By blending diverse textures and materials, we added depth and intrigue throughout the salon.

5- Project Management:

The keystone of our project was the dedicated project management. We built a strong partnership with the builders, ensuring that every detail was executed with precision. We addressed on-site challenges with agility and sourced all furniture and fixtures to match our design renders precisely, seamlessly translating our vision into a stunning reality.

  • Prestigious Industry Awards.

  • Highlighted for Exceptional Salon Design.

  • Significant Increase in Clientele.

  • Enhanced Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal.

  • High Demand for Services.

  • Bookings Filled Months in Advance.

  • Local Buzz and Excitement about the Transformation.

  • Frequent Mentions in Local Media and Word of Mouth.

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