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REISE (verb) - to travel / take a journey (Norwegian)


Our name has meaning and value, and when we were establishing our brand name, we wanted something to describe the 'journey' of branding. We settled for the Norwegian translation as Scandinavian design is famous for its minimalistic, yet high quality finishes, a description we strongly align ourselves with.

We believe that branding design and everything that comes with it can be likened to going on a journey. Whether you just need a logo, a full rebrand, a web page or a full commercial interior, every step you take with us is one more step along your brand's growth journey.

We are driven by the growth of our clients and form a unique bond with each and every one of them, allowing us to continually deliver top quality services at every single stage.


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integrity | prediction | evolution

our story

Reise Studio (then LB Design) was founded in 2020 by Lucie after graduating from Architecture School during the height of the pandemic. The initial plan was for it to be a temporary time filler, and to then to go back into architecture once the pandemic lockdowns had blown over.

As the business started to grow, it didn't make sense to abandon it and go back to an office working for someone else so Lucie began exploring ways she could incorporate her architectural background into the business and that is how Reise Interiors began. Noticing a gap in the market, Lucie established a 'one-stop' design studio that would cater to all business design needs, from branding, to business stationery, to web and social media, and finally commercial interiors with a focus on perfection and precision.

Now we're only just getting started... Stay tuned to follow us along our own journey.

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